We have been teaching puppies and pet dogs since 2007. 

We offer 1 to 1’s, classes and workshops, and strive to provide these services both online and off. 

Our focus is on providing, effective, kind, fair and smart training solutions that work and are fun and easy to learn for owners and dogs alike. 

We would never consider using pain or fear, this is an ethical choice.  Instead, we use motivational techniques which include using markers, toys and food to train with the dog. 

Our training classes are held in Newport, South Wales but we are also providing solutions to help you successfully train your dog through our new online platform. 

The next in-person puppy course starts on Sunday 8th August at 1.45pm.  The course is 6 sessions and will be help at the Pill Millennium Centre, Newport.  Send us a message for more details and for booking information.

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